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Genoa Aquarium | Visitor information at a glance

Genoa Aquarium
  • What are the Genoa Aquarium opening hours?
    The Genoa Aquarium is open from 9 AM to 8 PM every day. 
  • Where is the Genoa Aquarium located?
    The Genoa Aquarium is located at Area Porto Antico, Ponte Spinola, 16128, Genova.
  • How many entrances does the Genoa Aquarium have?
    The Genoa Aquarium has only one entrance. 
  • How many visitors does the Genoa Aquarium see per year?
    The Genoa Aquarium welcomes around one million visitors per year.

What are Genoa Aquarium opening hours?

Genoa Aquarium Opening Hours

What’s the best time to visit Genoa Aquarium?

The Genoa Aquarium is open all year round, so you can visit the aquarium any time you like. However, if you want to enjoy all the exhibits at a more relaxed pace and avoid long lines, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The peak season to visit Italy is summer, so we recommend you avoid visiting the aquarium during that time. It is best to plan your visit during the low season i.e., between October to March.
  • Avoid visiting the aquarium on weekends since it's very crowded.
  • During the weekdays, it would be best to visit during the morning hours between 9am to 10:30pm or in the afternoon after 3:30pm.

Where is the Genoa Aquarium located?

Getting to Genoa Aquarium

By Public Transport

By public transport

By train: You can reach the Genoa Aquarium from two railway stations-Genoa Piazza Principe and Genoa Brignole. The Genoa Aquarium is a 10-15 minute walk from the Genoa Piazza Principe railway station. You can also take bus number one from the railway station to Piazza Caricamento. From the Genoa Brignole railway station, you will have to take bus number 13 to Piazza Caricamento. 
By metro: Take the underground that goes in the Brignole direction. The closest stop to the Genoa Aquarium is the San Giorgio station. 
By bus: Bus numbers 1, 12, and 13 all stop right in front of the aquarium.  

By Car

By Car

Take the Genova-Ovest highway exit and proceed for 2 km towards the center (Via Milano-Via Gramsci). 

Genoa Aquarium parking

  • Aquarium car park open 24/7, 167 spaces (including 4 for disabled people)
  • Rates: €2.20/h from 7am to midnight, €1.10/h from midnight to 7am
  • Night-only passes: €50 for 30 days (7pm to 8am)

Know before you go to Genoa Aquarium

Book tickets online
  • Book tickets online: Skip the long queues and enjoy a seamless entry by booking your Genoa Aquarium tickets online in advance. Secure your entry time and breeze past the ticket office.
  • Arrive early: Beat the crowds by arriving early. Mornings and weekdays are usually less busy, giving you a better chance to enter without delays.
  • Book skip-the-line tickets: Get immediate access to the aquarium with skip-the-line tickets, available through various platforms. These tickets often include flexible entry times and exclusive experiences.
  • Tender – Fast Food Bar: Enjoy quick snacks prepared daily with quality ingredients.
  • Gusto A Bordo Restaurant: Savor traditional cuisine with a modern twist in an elegant setting.
  • Outdoor picnic area: Relax on the deck of the Blue Ship with tables and benches for packed lunches.
  • Guarded wardrobe: Store clothing and luggage for €3 per item.
  • Memory picture: Capture a souvenir photo at the beginning of your visit.
  • Gift shops: Two locations offering exclusive and original aquarium products.
  • Baby corner: Six toilets equipped with changing tables.
  • Lost items: Service available at the office entrance.
  • Rest areas and drink dispensers: Hot and cold beverages available.
  • Porto Antico Area Services: Additional parking options in covered and uncovered car parks. Download the Porto Antico Area Map for more information.
Wheelchair access
  • Wheelchair access: The aquarium is fully accessible for visitors with motor disabilities, with special maps indicating the route, lift positions, accessible touch pool stations, and equipped toilets.
  • Elevators: Equipped with Braille indications and vocal announcements for visually impaired visitors.
  • Touch tanks: Accessible touch tanks allow visitors to experience marine life up close, including petting stingrays.
  • Guide dogs: Allowed inside the facility to accompany blind visitors.
  • Special entrance: Disabled visitors can use the office entrance, 50 meters from the main entrance, to start their journey.
  • Parking: Four reserved spaces for disabled visitors in the aquarium car park.
  • Booking assistance: Visitors with disabilities are advised to book their visit through C-WAY for personalized packages and guaranteed accessibility.
No flash photography or videos
  • Each ticket allows only one entry and cannot be reused. Keep your ticket until the end of your visit as staff may request to see it. For reduced or free tickets, show valid documentation at the ticket office.
  • No flash photography or videos with spotlights are allowed to protect animal welfare. For professional photography and videography, contact the Press Office in advance.
  • Pets are not allowed, except for guide dogs for the blind.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the exhibition route.
  • Consuming food or drinks is not allowed in exhibition rooms and other non-designated areas.
  • Do not throw objects into the tanks, bang on the windows, or feed the animals.
  • The following items are not allowed inside the aquarium: Knives, pointed, cutting, or blunt objects, Weapons and ammunition, Flammable or explosive materials.
touch pool
  • Get up close with marine life through interactive exhibits, learning about habitats and behaviors in fun, hands-on ways for an engaging experience.
  • Gain deeper insights into the aquarium's operations and conservation efforts with a behind-the-scenes tour, offering an exciting peek into the aquarium's internal operations.
  • With a vast facility to explore, plan your visit to ensure you don't miss any exhibits or experiences, maximizing your time at the aquarium.
  • The aquarium can be overwhelming due to its size. Take breaks to rest and recharge in the resting area or the cafes, especially if visiting with children, to make the most of your visit.
  • The knowledgeable aquarium staff is there to help. Don't hesitate to ask questions about exhibits, animals, or any aspect of the aquarium's operations for a more enriching experience.
  • Download the Genoa Aquarium's mobile app, providing information on exhibits, shows, and events.

The Genoa Aquarium has two restaurants within its premises: 

  • Tender cafè: Indulge in a local delicacy — Focaccia Genovese — at the aquarium's modern coffee bar.
  • Gusto a Bordo: Spend some time at the aquarium's new edutainment Restaurant

But if you are looking forward to a sumptuous meal after you visited the Genoa Aquarium, you can try these nearby restaurants: 

  • Ostaia De Banchi: A Ligurian restaurant serving delicious pesto and seafood dishes. 
  • Street Food Genova: A local restaurant serving delicious sandwiches. 
  • Trattoria Vegia Zena: A traditional stone-vaulted restaurant serving Ligurian seafood and meat dishes.
  • Budget:
    B&B I Portici di Sottoripa, 500 m; Le Coccole Bed & Breakfast, 500 m
  • Mid-range:
    B&B Hotel Genova, 1.2 km; B&B Al Molo, 600 m
  • Luxury:
    NH Collection Genova Marina, 200 m; Grand Hotel Savoia, 1.5 km; Melia Genova, 2.3 km
Cattedrale di San Lorenzo
  • Royal Palace Museum: The Royal Palace Museum is a 17th-century palace with gorgeous art and frescoes. 
  • Galata Museo del Mare: At the museum, you can explore beautiful maritime exhibits and even explore a moored submarine. 
  • Palazzo Spinola National Gallery: Spend some time admiring the artworks housed in this stunning Renaissance Palace.
  • Cattedrale di San Lorenzo: Admire the beautiful frescoed interiors of this gorgeous cathedral that dates back to the 1100s. 

Frequently asked questions about visiting Genoa Aquarium

Can I skip-the-lines at Genoa Aquarium with my e-ticket?

Yes, you can skip the lines at Genoa Aquarium with your e-ticket. By booking your tickets online in advance, you can ensure a seamless and quick entry into the aquarium.

Can I re-enter the aquarium on the same day with my ticket?

No, you can not re-enter the Genoa aquarium with your ticket. Keep your ticket on you at all times.

Are there any guided tours or educational programs at Genoa Aquarium?

Yes, the Genoa Aquarium offers a variety of guided tours and educational experiences for visitors:
- Educational tours: The aquarium provides 90-minute educational tours that include explanations of the exhibits and how they are maintained.
- Educational workshops: The aquarium offers engaging educational workshops and programs designed to foster an understanding of marine life and conservation efforts. These workshops are suitable for visitors of all ages, including children and students.
- Face-to-Face encounters: Join guided encounters to observe daily activities of specific animals, such as dolphins and penguins, and learn about their behaviors. These encounters often include feeding sessions.
- Behind-the-scenes tours: Take a guided tour through the technical areas and laboratories to discover the behind-the-scenes activities involved in maintaining the tanks and caring for the animals.

What are the dining options inside the aquarium and do they cater to dietary restrictions?

There are two restaurants in the Genoa Aquarium-Tender Café and Gusto e Bordo. Vending machines for hot and cold drinks are also available throughout the aquarium.

Are there any special discounts or packages available for families?

Yes, there are special discounts and packages available for families visiting the Genoa Aquarium:
- The aquarium offers a discounted rate for families of at least five people, where the 3rd child is eligible for free admission.
- Residents of Genoa can take advantage of the "Wednesdays of the Genoese" offer, where they can visit the aquarium at a discounted rate of 13€ for adults and 9€ for children aged 4 to 12 every Wednesday afternoon from 2 pm onwards.
- Children aged 4 to 12 can enjoy discounted tickets, with prices ranging from 14€ to 29€ depending on the date and time of visit. Children under 3 can enter for free.
- Families can book combo packages that include the aquarium ticket along with other attractions, such as the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour, at a discounted price.

Is there a recommended route or highlights tour for first-time visitors?

Yes, there are some recommended highlights and routes for first-time visitors to the Genoa Aquarium:
- Start at the Biodiversity Pavilion to interact with stingrays in the touch tank.
- Explore the Tropical Area showcasing colorful coral reefs and tropical fish.
- Head to the Cetacean Pavilion to observe dolphins, seals, and sea turtles.
- Discover the Shark Bay and Jellyfish Room for some of the aquarium's most fascinating creatures.
- Visit the Polar Area to see penguins and other cold-water species.
- End your visit at the Mediterranean Area to learn about local marine ecosystems.
- See the rare manatees, also known as "sirens of the sea".

What specific exhibits are most suitable for children and interactive experiences?

The Genoa Aquarium has made significant efforts to cater to children, with interactive exhibits, hands-on experiences, and educational programs that make learning about the underwater world fun and memorable. Here are a few highlights:
- The City of Children and Youth - An interactive museum within the aquarium complex that encourages learning through play.
- Child-friendly discoveries- The aquarium has dedicated exhibits showcasing the world of corals and the life cycle of jellyfish. In the coral reef area, special lamps reproduce moonlight conditions to observe the fluorescence of corals.
- Petting pool - Kids can interact with and touch stingrays and other marine animals in the dedicated touch pool exhibit.
- Sleepovers with sharks - Kids aged 7-11 can have the thrilling experience of sleeping overnight in front of the shark tank.

Is there a facility to store luggage or strollers during my visit?

Yes, the Genoa Aquarium offers a guarded wardrobe where you can store both clothing and luggage for €3 per item.

What is the recommended duration for exploring Genoa Aquarium?

The recommended duration for exploring the Genoa Aquarium is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, there is no maximum visit duration, stay as long as you like.

What should I do if I lose an item during my visit?

If you lose an item during your visit to the Genoa Aquarium, notify the aquarium staff about your lost item as soon as possible. They have a lost and found system in place and can assist you in locating the missing item.

Are pets allowed inside the aquarium?

No, pets are not allowed inside the Genoa Aquarium, with the exception of guide dogs for blind visitors.

Is there a gift shop and what kind of items can I purchase?

Yes, there are two gift shops at the Genoa Aquarium where visitors can purchase souvenirs and gifts. The gift shops offer a variety of items related to marine life and the aquarium, such as:
- Plush toys and figurines of different sea creatures
- Postcards, magnets, and keychains featuring images of the aquarium and its inhabitants
- Educational books and guides about marine biology and conservation
- Clothing items like t-shirts and hats with the aquarium's logo
- Stationery, notepads, and pens with aquatic-themed designs
- Jewelry and accessories inspired by the ocean and sea creatures

Is it worth visiting Genoa Aquarium?

The Genoa Aquarium is the largest in Europe, and it has the most extensive range of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. With more than 70 exhibits-the aquarium is home to 12000 animal and plant species, the Genoa Aquarium is a must-visit attraction.