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The best Genoa Aquarium experiences explained in detail

Take a deep dive into the world of marine wonder at the Genoa Aquarium, with a range of exciting experiences. From coming face to face with playful dolphins, sleek sharks, and adorable penguins to exclusive behind-the-scenes tours and intimate dinners, every show is a unique perspective into the fascinating underwater realm. There's no better way to explore the world beneath the waves than these immersive experiences at one of Europe's largest aquariums.

Experiences at Genoa Aquarium

The expert with you

Availability: Everyday with appointment
Duration: 2 hours

Take a personalized 2-hour guided tour at the Genoa Aquarium with a marine biologist as your expert companion. Indulge into the wonders of marine life, choose a theme of interest, and enjoy exclusive access to exhibition tanks and reserved areas for a truly immersive experience.

Why go for it?

  • Elevate your knowledge about marine mammals, the Mediterranean Sea, tropical seas, or dangerous animals.
  • Enjoy a tailored and educational tour with a knowledgeable guide.
  • Get access to behind-the-scenes areas not typically open to the public.


  • Book the experience at least 2 days in advance, subjected to availability.
  • The experience is limited to a maximum of 10 participants (family or friends).
  • Respect the animals and their environment at all times.
  • No touching or feeding the animals without permission.
  • The tour is strictly in Italian.

Acquarium Behind the Scenes

Timings: 10.30am to 3.30pm (Available on weekends and holidays)
Duration: 45 minutes

Join a guided tour through the technical areas and laboratories of the Genoa Aquarium to discover the behind-the-scenes activities involved in maintaining the tanks and caring for the animals.

Why go for it?

  • An educational walk enabling deeper understanding about the care and breeding of marine animals
  • Venture into the hidden secrets and operations that make the aquarium unique.
  • Level up your visit with an insider's view behind the scenes.


  • Book the experience at least 1 working day in advance.
  • Participation fee does not include entry to the Genoa Aquarium.
  • No strollers or prams allowed during the tour.
  • Suitable for ages 4 and above.
  • Conducted in Italian.

Night with the Sharks

Talk about a unique and exciting sleepover with one of the deadliest, and often misunderstood predators of the ocean. The experience includes a guided night tour of the aquarium, entertainment activities, and overnight accommodation in sleeping bags in front of the shark tank.

Why go for it?

  • A rare opportunity to spend a memorable night in the aquarium with sharks and other marine animals.
  • Learn about the nocturnal behavior of the aquarium's inhabitants.
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the aquarium and a good breakfast in the morning.


  • The experience must be booked at least 1 working day in advance and is available for 7/11 years old only.
  • The participation fee does not include entry to the Genoa Aquarium, which must be purchased separately.
  • The activity is not available for online booking and must be booked directly at the aquarium
  • The use of strollers and/or prams is not permitted.
  • The activity is carried out exclusively in Italian.

Emotional Dinners

Join a sensory journey at the Emotional Dinner, where you will be surrounded by a world of perceptions. The fusion of sight, smell, touch, and hearing will create a one-of-a-kind dinner, accompanied by the magic of dolphins and romantic soprano notes.

Why go for it?

  • These dinners offer a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond just a meal to boost your mental health by fostering a peaceful and nurturing ambiance.
  • Fosters deep connection between the family members, couples, friends, or simply a nice
  • Enjoy a delicious menu choice between sea and land.
  • Be entertained by musical performances and the presence of dolphins.
8/8:30pm - 11:30pm
3.5 hours


  • Reservation and payment upon confirmation required.
  • Cancellation without penalty within 5 working days of the event.
  • Menu choice between Sea and Land at a cost of €86.00 per person, excluding wines and drinks.
  • Limited places (80 per evening).
  • Overnight stay available in a charming residence or 4-star hotel for an unforgettable experience.

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Choose your Genoa Aquarium experience

Discover the wonders of the marine world at the Genoa Aquarium and take part in unforgettable experiences and events. Whether you want to get up close and personal with dolphins and penguins, explore behind the scenes, or spend a night with the sharks, there's something for everyone.

Don't miss out on these unique opportunities to learn and have fun. Book in advance and take advantage of a wide variety of prices to make the most of your visit to the Genoa Aquarium.

Frequently asked questions about Genoa Aquarium experiences

What are the different experiences offered by the Genoa Aquarium?

The Genoa Aquarium offers a variety of experiences, including face-to-face encounters with penguins, dolphins, and sharks, behind-the-scenes tours, and emotional dinners. These experiences offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about marine life, conservation efforts, and the inner workings of the aquarium.

What makes the "Face to Face with Dolphins" experience unique?

The "Face to Face with Dolphins" experience is unique because it allows visitors to observe dolphins up close and learn about their behaviors and training skills. This experience is a great way to gain a deeper appreciation for these intelligent and social animals.

How long does the "Night with the Sharks" experience last, and what can participants expect?

The "Night with the Sharks" experience lasts from 9pm and end. Participants can expect a guided night tour of the aquarium, entertainment activities, and the opportunity to sleep in front of the shark tank in sleeping bags. This experience is a great way to learn about shark behavior and the nocturnal activities of the aquarium.

Can children participate in the "Aquarium Behind the Scenes" tour, and what age restrictions apply?

The experience is not available for children under 4 years old. Anyone above the age limit can access the behind-the-scenes tour.

What's so special about "Emotional Dinners" experience?

The "Emotional Dinners" experience is special because it combines a sensory dining experience with the magic of dolphins and the romantic notes of a soprano. This experience offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a meal surrounded by the beauty and wonder of marine life. It is believed to foster an intimate connection with the participants or with oneself.

What conservation efforts does the Genoa Aquarium support through its experiences?

The Genoa Aquarium supports conservation efforts through its experiences by raising awareness about marine life and the importance of protecting our oceans. The aquarium also participates in conservation projects and research programs aimed at preserving marine ecosystems and species.

Are there any interactive elements in the "Expert with You" tour?

The "Expert with You" tour at the Genoa Aquarium is an interactive experience that allows visitors to explore the aquarium with a knowledgeable guide. This tour is designed to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the aquarium's marine life and conservation efforts. The interactive elements of the tour may include hands-on exhibits, educational games, and opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussions with the guide.

Can participants bring cameras or phones on the experiences to capture memories?

Yes, participants can bring cameras or phones on the experiences to capture memories, as long as they do not disturb the animals or other participants.

How far in advance should experiences be booked, and what is the cancellation policy?

Yes, booking in advance is usually required for most experiences at the Genoa Aquarium. For example, for the expert tour, you need to book a minimum of two days in advance. For the face-to-face encounters with dolphins and penguins, the window is three days before the date, and for the behind-the-scenes tour, it is one-day advance booking.

Is access to these experiences included in the entry ticket to Genoa Aquarium?

Access to the experiences is not included in the entry ticket to the Genoa Aquarium. Each experience requires separate booking and payment.

Are there any specific accessibility features or accommodations available for participants with disabilities?

The Genoa Aquarium offers accessibility features such as wheelchair ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms.