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Genoa's Aquarium Village | Everything from Italy's largest aquarium to 360° rotating paranomic lift

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Genoa's AcquarioVillage World | Four-in-one adventure complex

Nestled in the heart of Genoa's historic Old Harbor, the AcquarioVillage is a popular hub for nature enthusiasts, families, and curious explorers. At its core lies the Genoa Aquarium, the largest aquarium in Italy and a premier destination for nature enthusiasts. Then there’s Biosphere, a unique biodome mimicking the interconnectedness of Earth's ecosystems. Don’t miss a thrilling ride at Bigo, a 360° rotating lift offering breathtaking views, or the City of Children and Teens, a dedicated children's area fostering hands-on learning and exploration. Together, these diverse experiences create an unparalleled opportunity to indulge into wonders of the ocean, appreciate the fragility of our planet, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the natural world.

Exploring the Genoa's AcquarioVillage World

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Frequently asked questions about Genoa's Aquarium Village world

What interactive and educational experiences are available for children and families at the AcquarioVillage?

AcquarioVillage includes "The City of Children and Teens", which is described as an "Experience Museum dedicated to the 5 senses" that uses interactive and hands-on exhibits to guide children and young people on a journey of self-discovery and learning through play. If you're on a fun-family day trip don't miss out on this unconventional, state-of-art museum.

Can visitors access all the attractions within the AcquarioVillage with a single entry ticket, or are separate tickets required?

You need separate tickets for the different attractions within the AcquarioVillage, including the Genoa Aquarium, The City of Children and Teens, Bigo, and Biosphere. You can get a bundled ticket at the venue that includes access to all of these sub-attractions inside the complex.

How does the Genoa Aquarium contribute to marine conservation and research efforts?

The Genoa Aquarium is actively involved in scientific research and conservation initiatives aimed at protecting marine ecosystems and biodiversity. The aquarium participates in restocking and recovery programs for threatened species, highlighting the importance of ocean conservation. Additionally, it collaborates with other institutions on research activities to deepen the understanding of marine life and promote sustainable development, contributing to the preservation of the world's oceans.

What's so special about The City of Children and Teens?

The City of Children and Teens in Genoa, Italy, is an interactive museum for children aged 0-12, offering immersive, hands-on exhibits. Key features include themed sensory rooms (hearing, touch, smell-taste), creative projects, and science experiments that encourage learning through play. The museum promotes sensory development, creativity, and imagination, with tailored activities for different age groups. It provides a safe, engaging environment for children to explore, learn, and have fun.

How does the Bigo enhance the visitor experience at the AcquarioVillage World in Genoa?

The Bigo at AcquarioVillage World in Genoa offers a thrilling 360° view of the city. Hop on for spectacular aerial views, and marvel at Genoa's beauty from above. This panoramic lift adds excitement and awe to your visit, making your AcquarioVillage experience even more memorable.

What are the key highlights and must-see exhibits at the Biosphere?

The key attractions inside the Biosphere include a diverse collection of tropical biodiversity, featuring rare plant species like towering tree ferns, delicate orchids, and the striking passionflower. You can also catch the Scarlet Ibis, a stunning wetland bird, among the Biosphere's array of animal exhibits.
Alongside these natural wonders, Renzo Piano's architectural design of the Biosphere creates a perfect backdrop for educational displays and interactive exhibits, enlightening guests about the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the significance of biodiversity conservation.

How accessible is the AcquarioVillage complex for visitors with disabilities or mobility challenges?

Genoa Aquarium, which is part of the AcquarioVillage, is fully accessible to guests using wheelchairs, including all entrances, exhibits, theaters, restrooms, and elevators. Wheelchair rentals and reserved accessible seating are available. The complex also provides services for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing, such as assistive listening devices and sign language interpreters.

What sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives has the AcquarioVillage implemented to minimize its environmental impact?

The Genoa Aquarium and the broader AcquarioVillage complex have implemented several sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives to minimize their environmental impact:
- The Genoa Aquarium is dedicated to environmental awareness and has been actively involved in conservation projects supported by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), focusing on topics like amphibians, Madagascar, turtles and tortoises, and coral conservation.
- The aquarium carefully selects its animal species from other facilities, reproduction programs, or sustainable natural sources to avoid depleting wild populations.
- The Aquarium has recently undergone technological innovations and renovations, including the creation of the new Cetaceans' Pavilion by architect Renzo Piano, expanding its exhibition space and capabilities.

Are there any age restrictions for certain attractions within the AcquarioVillage?

While the most of Genoa Aquarium Village's complex is pretty inclusive, there are certain experiences inside Genoa Aquarium that can be restricted for certain age range. For instance, face-to-face encounters with dolphins and penguins require participants to be 6 years and above, while behind-the-scenes tours have an age limit of 4 years.

Are pets allowed inside?

No, pets are not permitted inside the complex except for certified guide dogs.

Is there parking available near the Aquarium Village? If so, what are the rates?

Parking is available near AcquarioVillage World in Genoa at the Acquario Parking lot, offering a total of 167 spaces, including 4 designated for disabled visitors. The lot operates 24 hours a day, every day. Rates are €2.20 per hour from 7am to 12am (midnight) and €1.10 per hour from 12am to 7am. Advanced parking reservations are not available.

Are there any interactive exhibits or activities suitable for young children at the Aquarium Village?

Yes, there are plenty to have a kid-friendly adventure at Genoa's AcquarioVillage World. Here are a few:
- The City of Children and Teens: Described as the "first Experience Museum dedicated to the 5 senses," this interactive museum offers hands-on, sensory-based activities for children to learn and explore in a colorful and contemporary environment.
- Genoa Aquarium: While specific children's exhibits are not detailed, the aquarium provides an immersive journey through diverse marine habitats, likely engaging young visitors with captivating displays. Discounted tickets for children aged 4-12 suggest a family-friendly atmosphere.
- Other attractions: The AcquarioVillage complex includes the Biosphere botanical garden and the Bigo panoramic lift, which may offer additional interactive and educational experiences suitable for children.

Can I rent strollers or wheelchairs at the AcquarioVillage?

Wheelchair rentals might be available for use at the Genoa's Aquarium. But strollers - probably not.